Hello! I'm Cody McPherson. I’m a Product Designer based in San Diego with a knack for building and a passion for engaging experiences.

Empowering professionals to get the most from their network
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Streamlining the corporate event booking process
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Rescuing high-risk dogs in need from high kill shelters
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I'm Cody!

As a kid, my healthy obsession with LEGO cultivated my urge to create, and racing with friends on Rainbow Road taught me how engaging experiences bring people together. Today I've 1-up'd these passions—I stream games live on twitch.tv, and my building habit is now aided by my 3D printer and CNC mill.

I recently attended DESIGNATION to create digital experiences and products for a variety of clients. I hope to apply my lifelong passions with my newly-minted UX skill set to working with people dedicated to solving challenging problems with practical solutions. If that sounds like your team, let’s talk.

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